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From design to delivery, Longmile services cover the whole apparel supply chain..

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From concept to design brief, our design team trend forecast and provide trend reports, colour forecasting and competitor analysis to stay with the latest global trends. We offer bespoke design solutions for our key clients and work closely with supplier partners for sample.


Finding the right materials and providing cost-efficient options of yarns, knits, textures and dyes. Product development experts work on seasonal fabric trends.

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Longmile works with supplier factories that share our commitment to quality, compliance, and sustainability to create a business that delivers quater million pieces a month to our customers. Merchandisers and QC engineers work with factories to ensure the best product according to the requirements. Longmile’s strong and long-standing relationship network with suppliers ensures flexibility, cost-effectiveness and quality.


During production, we oversee quality control and product sampling checks. A final inspection is performed according to standard procedures for Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) based on the ISO Standard. Our laboratory services check colour matching as per the requirement, weight, dimensional stability, shrinkage, appearance after washing, colour fastness to washing and staining, and rubbing.

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The Social Compliance team works with our partners for various regulatory audits and compliances in accordance with the Longmile Code of Practice to assure clients’ compliance requirements. Engage in training programs with our partners including soft skill training and provide insurance facilities.

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Longmile provides best-in-class logistics services and believes in a seamless supply chain. We coordinate with freight forwarders in planning and booking cargo space in order to deliver sea and air freight services that are quick, cost-effective, and emit minimal levels of CO2.